Asset Integrity Management

UniversalPegasus has a wealth of asset integrity management experience. The asset integrity group is dedicated to supporting clients through the provision of experienced personnel, engineering and iRAM software.

The appraisal process provides feedback to the operation and maintenance of the system including inspection regimes, safety documentation and engineering of new solutions. This process can be undertaken as part of the clients team or remotely, drawing on the full experience of UniversalPegasus.

The iRAM software is the basis for asset integrity by providing a centralised data centre for clients assets. Monitoring of operational and inspection data contained in the system allows for a continuous appraisal of the status of the system and addresses risks arising from the changes in production chemistry, corrosion, hazardous events etc.

UniversalPegasus provides asset integrity management in several potential forms by providing:

  • iRAM software as a central repository for all asset information:
  • Worldwide internet access
  • Round the clock access
  • Tiered user access for added security
  • Use of other software based on clients’ requirements
  • On-site dedicated personnel or teams to undertake local asset integrity management and client representation
  • Remote dedicated team working on asset integrity support and management
  • Experienced subsea engineering services for continuous operation support
  • Liaison with other third parties involved in asset integrity (installation/IRM/construction, production chemistry, facility operator etc.)
  • Documentation for legislative requirements
  • IRM and operation plans, review and action plans
  • Suite of asset integrity documentation
  • Hardware monitoring solutions
  • Additional live monitoring systems and feedback through iRAM