Procurement Services

UniversalPegasus understands the importance of being a reliable, comprehensive procurement partner for your projects around the world.

Each project requires a high level of assurance for timeline, expenditure and risk management. At UniversalPegasus, our procurement team is integrated with the engineering design team. Our experience shows that this collaborative governance ensures strong communication with vendors and the alignment of purchases and delivery for the project schedule. The volume, variety and locale of our experience gives us unique insight and proactive responsiveness to:

  • Current market pricing and forecasted price increases
  • Potential delivery choke points and alternative sourcing
  • Likely labour force and subcontractor availability
  • Pending regulatory restrictions and environmental risk factors
  • Transportation/logistics and expediting
  • Forecasted supply-chain and materials management

Contact us today to learn how our end-to-end procurement solutions reduce purchasing costs, mitigate industry risks and reduce the time expended by personnel for the purchase of engineered equipment, commodities and construction subcontracts.